Staff Enjoy a Week Of Song:

Staff members at Wayland Academy stretched themselves and recorded their favorite songs in the MAP Live Lounge recording studio based at the Academy. The staff also recorded a track with students as part of the Diversity Week and brought smiles to everyone involved. This shared experience created a buzz around the school.

The staff and students were thrilled to have been part of this project.

A big thank you to Reuben our studio engineer and also Nathan and Elizabeth who had a weeks work experience with the Music Arts Project.

Music arts project offered me an amazing experience that I don’t think any other company would of compared with for my own futuristic plans, Every single day i woke up excited for what the day was to bring and again everyday brought me the desire to want to continue working there. EC

I had a brilliant time. I feel like I learned a lot and gained some valuable experience. NB

The video can be found here: School Diversity Week 2018 at Wayland Academy

The Live Lounge Studio and Live Venue will be open for the community to hire from the Academy in October 2018.